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The Tour Pool needs you!

The Tour de France starts in a few short days and that means the Tour Pool is back for 2014. I can say goodbye to my free time, on the other hand … Last year, the Tour Pool raised $1,500 for … Continue reading

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OBC Grand Prix a victim of cycling’s popularity

Bike races die for lots of reasons. Usually, it’s a shortage of money. Sometimes it’s a lack of entries. Occasionally it’s because a venue becomes unavailable. But this is the first time I’ve heard of a race getting cancelled because … Continue reading

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A $75 ticket to cycling greatness

The value of money is a relative thing. As you grow older and the house you live in is worth half a million dollars, the car you drive sells for $30K and the bike you ride retails for $5 grand, … Continue reading

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The Tour Pool is back for 2013!

UPDATE: The Tour Pool website disappeared so I had to build a new one. I’ve updated the link below, and here it is again: It’s time to hunker down and get this annual Tour Pool thingy up and running. … Continue reading

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Cyclists supporting cyclists

The funniest jokes are the ones with an element of truth to them. That’s why the gag 2:00 into this video is hilarious — a lot of cyclists are cheap bastards. But not all of them, and not all the … Continue reading

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Tuck and roll

It’s amazing when you’re heading into an unavoidable collision how everything begins to move in slow motion. It’s been many years since I last experienced this phenomenon, but I got reacquainted with it on Sunday thanks to finding myself behind … Continue reading

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Track cycling must evolve or die

In the late 19th century, if you mentioned bicycle racing it was assumed you meant track cycling; with a few exceptions, all the racing that mattered happened on velodromes. The earliest velodromes were built in the 1860s (some of them … Continue reading

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Minsk musings

Minsk isn’t a city that looms large in the consciousness of most North Americans. Probably the only cultural reference most of us have seen to the capital of Belarus is as an aside in a subplot of an episode of … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurship vs. race promotion

An interesting study of contrasts here in Mexico City. People here are definitely not short of entrepreneurial spirit. The day before competition opened at the CNAR velodrome a full market of bike part vendors had opened outside the gates, selling … Continue reading

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UCI’s grand plans for the Olympics

The track points race could make a return to the Olympic program and be joined by freestyle BMX and the mountain bike “eliminator” if cycling’s international governing body gets its way. The UCI’s management committee met on Friday at the … Continue reading

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