Who the heck is Kris Westwood, anyway?

A has-been cyclist? A wannabe bloggist? A burgeoning journalist?

The answer is ‘all of the above.’

As a cyclist I was a member of the national team and went as far as making a meagre living in Europe for a few years before packing it in. I was pretty good, but not that good.

My career since then has taken me to the Canadian Cycling Association, where I headed up the national team programs for a couple years, and then to the Ottawa Sun newspaper, where I was an editor for a little over four years, occasionally writing articles and editing video, too.

Since April 2012 I’ve been freelancing. My clients include Canadian Cycling Magazine, Team SpiderTech powered by C10 and the Grand Prix Cycliste de Gatineau.

Among other things, I care about municipal government, bike racing, travelling and my motorbike.

I’m married to my lovely wife, and I care about her too.

I live in Ottawa, Canada, though at certain times of the year I wish I lived somewhere else. Then I go away for awhile and realize why I like it here.

— Kris W.


7 Responses to About

  1. Mr. Jan Moeller says:

    Hello Kris.
    I’m a guy from Sweden and i’m about to by a trainer. I saw you on youtube testing the Tacx Galaxia. Would you say that you get enough resistance on the roller comparing to a tacx satori?

    • kwestwood says:

      Hi Jan,
      There isn’t very much resistance on the Galaxia, but there is enough that I can’t ride in my 53×12 for more than a few minutes.

      Rollers are great for leg speed, smoothness, recovery and long intervals. But if you want to do shorter intervals or power work you should have a trainer or rollers with a resistant unit. Tacx used to make a resistance unit for their rollers but it’s not listed on their website anymore.

      Kris W.

  2. Michael says:


    Sharing your knowledge / experience improves the sport. I enjoy learning from your videos. Spring is in the air and I am supper stoked for an epic cycling year. I like everything about cycling except crashing. I am writing to suggest that you do a Video on racing bikes safety.

    Safety Gear that is often missed
    Ensure your bike is working properly, breaks, tiers…
    Signal riders behind you, talk
    Hold your line, if you are in a group and come upon a pot hole don’t swerve ride through it
    Ride the drops, closer to the breaks / lower center of gravity
    Protect your bars, practice bumping with your friends on the grass
    If the yellow line rule is in affect don’t cross it to go the front of the pack when the pace lets up only to fall back to the back when the pace picks up
    … I am sure you can come up with tons more


  3. Li says:

    Hi Kris,

    Great post on the archipelago trail. Just wondering, did you book accommodation ahead of time or did you do it as you went along? My wife and I are planning to cycle the trail this July and are really looking forward to it!


  4. Barry says:

    Hi Kris
    I noticed your image of the Dunlop Trophy winning Royal Canadian Bicycle Club and I am curious as to the extent of your knowledge & interest in this organization, which is still in existence as the Royal Canadian Curling Club in Toronto. We would love to show you the history of the club. Let me know when you are in T.O.

    • kwestwood says:

      Hi Barry,
      I know a little about the club: my brother in law curls there. I hear you recently recovered the team shield trophy as well.
      I’d love to drop by at some point when I’m in TO and learn a little more.

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