Racing season ramps up

After a winter dominated by depressing doping news — Lance Armstrong’s admissions and the puerile spat between the UCI and WADA — it’s a big relief to actually have some racing to think about.

This weekend marked the first time the cyclocross worlds have ever been held outside Europe, and judging by the boisterous crowds that turned out the event looked to be a success. The organizers in Louisville, Kentucky, faced more than their fair share of challenges, with major sponsor Exergy failing to pay its bills and the threat of flooding on Sunday forcing them to run all the races on Saturday. But a Belgian sponsor stepped in and spectators were treated to a spectacular, action-packed day of racing dominated by Dutch victories in three out of the four events, and bronze in the fourth one.

The racing marked another historic first as it was the first time cyclocross has ever been aired by a major Canadian broadcaster as Rogers SportsNet picked up the live feed. That’s something I never would have imagined in my days racing in Europe in the 1990s.

On a more personal note, this week also marks my return to the national team programs as I’ve stepped in for two months as Cycling Canada’s interim track coordinator as they deal with a couple people leaving and some restructuring. It means I’ll be managing the Canadian team at the Pan American track championships in Mexico City on Feb. 6-10, and the track worlds in Minsk, Belarus, on Feb. 20-24.

While Minsk may not be my first choice for a February trip, I love track racing and I’m happy to be part of the program. It’ll be a lot of fun working with team pursuit coach Tanya Dubnicoff and our talented and very promising young riders.

You’ll be able to follow the team’s exploits through the Cycling Canada website.


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2 Responses to Racing season ramps up

  1. D. Kydd says:

    If a forward program is made for the comming year could there also be a list of TV stations or PC. URL’s placed so anyone can watch it. Ther has been 2 larger events already and even SBS only gave us the final presentation at Misk with no following of the races at all. Cycling Central did not have anything until after on their video’s. CYCLING IS A WORLD SPORT AND SHOULD BE GIVEN THE SAME OR BETTER PRIORITY THAN FOOTY, CRICKET or Tennis. if the powers that be worked on this then things would be a lot better for all. Thank you Cycling Canada website. I would have gone there if I had known.

    • kwestwood says:

      The UCI is broadcasting all of their major events live via YouTube. The catch is you can only access the feed if there are no terrestrial broadcasters who have picked up the feed. You can find out more at

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